How To See Behind The Scenes At
Funnel Hacker Head Quarters
Only Available On Snap Chat...
Ok - are you ready to connect with me on Snap Chat?  Here's what you need to do next...
Step #1 - Download Snapchat
Step #2 - Add me as a friend

Go to this page inside of the app and click on "Add Friends" here:  
Then you have 2 options. 

1st) Add my name:  russellbrunson  or just go here: 

2nd) Screenshot this picture, then "add by SNAPCODE" and select the picture you took here:
Step #3 - Watch my daily "story" (they disappear every 24 hours, so make it part of your daily routine):
Step #4 - Shoot me a "snapchat" wearing some of your 'Funnel Hacker' gear and say HI!  

Now we're officially snap chat friends, and I'll start posting behind the scenes things showing how we're building our funnels, the people and places I meet along the way, and a whole bunch more!!!
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